Artist David 23

“Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personality.”
~Salvador Dali

David 23

David 23 is the pseudonym I generally use in all my artistic endeavors. Occasionally I am know by the pseudonym Odiemonster. You will almost never see my real name attached to my artwork. David is my first name and 23 is a number I pulled out of the air when online signing up to join the Panix Unix Usergroup in the mid 90’s. At the time I didn’t think much of it but later it became clear that it wasn’t an accident. 23 Enigma – Wikipedia

The number 23 also known as the ’23 Enigma’, as discovered by William S. Burroughs. It presents itself as a good omen for some – disaster for others. The 23 Enigma can also be found in Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati”. David 23 is now my name and my enigma. Born the same year as Kurt Cobain: 1+9+6+7=23

The Number 23


I started painting as a way to do something creative that had no need for or connection to technology. My job and the world of music production revolves around the latest technology, and to do something so simple as drag a brush across a canvas seemed magical.

Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and many other “modern” artists let me believe that I was capable of expressing myself through the medium of paint.

I find I am inspired by simple shapes and colors that, just by looking at them, can change your mood and emotion. If it can make you smile, all the better.

So, many years later my paintings have been sold and are on display in private collections, homes, corporate offices, and galleries all over the world.

I have had physical shows at Lower Manhattan and Tribeca galleries as well as a few suburban galleries. I have also had and still have numerous online galleries on the web as well as in Second Life. (Do you remember SL?)

So what is this ‘Cubicle Art’ anyway?

If you have ever worked in a cubicle you know what a drag it can be. Every desk, chair, clock, calendar–everything looks the same. Even the artwork is the same, purchased from the same office catalog.

Cubicle Art is a way to put art into your everyday life. Not just in some collector’s vault or in some museum that you never get a chance to visit. Putting art where you work–and where you work is where you spend most of your life.

Cubicle Art Paintings are small, original, ready-to-hang acrylics on wooden-framed canvas.

Although the original concept was to create works of art for the office, many people have hung them in their kids’ rooms. Kids like art.

Musician friends of mine also like the paintings in the studio. Anything that can help with inspiration is always appreciated.

Every place everywhere in the universe should have art. Cubicle Art can be that art.
-David 23


Besides painting, I am a composer, sound designer, recording engineer, and musician. I have worked with legendary acts, one-hit wonders and complete unknowns (like myself). Music.David23.Com

I have been a lighting designer/technical director for education institutions and off-Broadway and and Lower East Side productions. I was also a guest host of a live television show with Jeff Probst YEARS before “Survivor.” SoundFX

I have worked in retail, waited tables and been a bartender. I’ve delivered cakes and cleaned arcades… I was the Director of Digital Media for the American Museum of Natural History.

I currently pay my bills by sitting in a cubicle writing code for the College Board.

I grew up in Rochester and moved to NYC in 1993 to work as a musician composer/sound designer focused on working in  theater. I found a cheap apartment down by the WTC after the first bombing and started my NYC career as a composer.

In addition to my artistic endeavors I spent 5 years working for AST Sound as the resident recording specialist. I designed, installed, and help maintain recording studios and sound systems for NYC clubs. However, that life ended when Giuliani took office. (Long story.)

I also ran a music site called OddBox to promote unknown musical talent and promote independent artists which won numerous awards in its day. It also provided me with 100’s of free CD’s.

In 1997-98 I ended up completely changing careers and taking a huge pay cut to become a full time web monkey for a Silicon Alley start-up. In the end it turned out to be the right move and I have since moved up the ranks of internet world.

I didn’t start painting until 2002. I had just left my apartment in downtown NYC for the ‘burbs. I lived for 9 years in lower Manhattan under the shadow of the WTC. When the towers fell it was the final push that got me to leave the city I found myself 50 miles out of NYC, bored, isolated and forced to make my own fun. I also had a lot of wall space for the first time and couldn’t afford to buy “artwork” so I created my own. My first painting was a 6 foot by 4 foot Keith Harring inspired orange dog on a blue background. From that point on I was hooked.


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